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Updateable External Tables

February 2, 2009

I work in IT field for the past so many years and if I do not blog about some technical matter then I am not doing justice to my blog. I will therefore post something on Oracle since I have been working with Oracle database for some time now

Now people who work with Oracle database will know that Oracle 9i introduced something called as External Tables which allow us to read data directly from flat file instead of using SQL Loader utility. You may need to read the link thoroughly to understand what is an external table? and how it works?

Now Oracle imposes some restriction on external tables like Index cannot be created on an external table or Data Manipulation (DML) cannot be done using an SQL on external tables.

I recently read about doing DML on external tables by a workaround, ofcourse there are some caveats on doing this. Kindly read about it here and make sure you read about caveat as well.

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